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The Maitreya version


The past Buddha, Siddartha Gautama, made aware of how to eliminate the unhappiness (Pali: dukkha) resulting from failure to achieve self-completeness. He taught how not to fail!


The (always) emerging Buddha, the Maitreya, makes aware of how to attain the happiness (Pali: sukkha) resulting from the achievement of self-completeness. He teaches how to succeed!







    The Sakyamuni  prior to becoming a Buddha
     to wit: The Fasting Buddha
    Concentrating towards quantum status

    @ Victoria's Way, in Roundwood, Co Wicklow Ireland


The Sakya Buddha doing it the hard way


‘This ain’t logic’


“Then the Blessed One sat at the root of the Bodhi Tree for seven days in one session, experiencing the happiness of freedom.”

Vin.Mv. 1:1, Ud. 1





The Noble Truths of happiness (sukkha)



“How to make and fake happiness”

by Victor Langheld



A truly original and unique approach to understanding happiness as bio-logical self-

(≈ atta) regulation app and the tactical use thereof as means to ending self-incompletion (i.e. anatta).

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   The Buddha enjoying the bliss of attainment
   And the bliss of the @rest staus thereafter

   @  Victoria's Way, Roundwood, Co Wicklow, Ireland


The Nirvanaman


‘The bliss of attainment of freedom’














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