The Old Buddha’s liberating insights



The Old Buddha understood that: ‘Every dharma (i.e. thing) happens as transient dependent output of conditions (i.e. causes).’




He understood the above because he had directly experienced himself as transient effect, hence as dependent, un-free and as uncertain and incomplete. His’ was the experience and insight of a victim.* And he suffered as victims do.


Like Spartacus (in the movie), the Old Buddha determines to end his victim status, and his suffering.



The victim’s self (or atta) is untrue. In the Old Buddha’s speech, it is anatta, i.e. not inherent or essential self. That’s because he or she doesn’t own it, because she has no absolute power over it.


Old Buddhism, serves to free victims from their pain. It’s got a lot of followers.



The Old Buddha declared every dharma to be an effect – and no more. He had freed himself from his unhappy effect status and enjoyed ‘the bliss of liberation’, then began a new career as a 1st cause (to enjoy the ‘bliss of subjugation’).



An aside:


Old Christianity (so Nietsche) also serves victims, i.e. the unrighteous.



* From Latin: vincere: conquer



The New Buddha’s liberating insights



The New Buddha understands: ‘Every dharma (i.e. thing) can function as non-transient (i.e. fixed, because decided, as momentarily quantized) independent input, i.e. as primary condition (i.e. as a 1st cause).


He understands that from direct experience of acting as a (1st) cause, hence as a fixed, independent, liberated, certain and complete. His’ is the experience and insight of a victor.* As victor he enjoys.



Like Gracchus (in the movie), he determines to maintain his victor status, and his joy.



The victor’s self (or atta) is true. In the New Buddha’s speech, it is atta (i.e. inherent or essential self). That’s because he or she owns it, has absolute power over it.



New Buddhism serves victors. They don’t follow anyone and are not in pain.



In essence, a dharma can be both effect and cause (or condition).








The righteous and who were finally eliminated by St Augustine, don’t require service.



* For Latin: vincere: conquer




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