Buddhist Rehabilitation

Re-enabling glitched systems



Unsteady  Steady  =  Ready



The Buddhist Rehabilitation means, all 84000 of them, serve only one purpose, namely, to return or advance an unsteady, therefore unstable to stasis.


An unsteady system is not @-rest. Not-@-rest it is unstable, uncertain, incomplete, further experienced as being alive and real. It self-signals its unsteadiness etc. in the high level communications medium (or language) of the various feelings of discomfort (read: suffering (Pali: dukkha).


The ancient Buddhist metaphor for @-rest was Nirvana.

The ancient Buddhist metaphor for not-@rest was Samsara.


Nirvana was the deathless, because steady (i.e. unperturbed, hence ‘On Stand-by’)) state experienced as (the state of) pure (because random) potential and whose qualities were certainty, completion, stillness, perfection, God (so Meister Eckhart), Brahman (so Vedanta) and so on.


Samsara was the life → death (Pali: mata, later mara (i.e. ‘the Evil One’)) process was experienced uncomfortably as perturbed, unsteady, hence impure, incomplete, uncertain etc.,. Samsara, in the Old Buddhist view, was expended (or wasted) pure potential made impure.


The response to ever changing, arising and ceasing, incomplete, uncertain and chaotic Samsara was, in the Buddhist (half) view, suffering (i.e. the various intensities of discomfort).


The task (hence logic) of Buddhist Rehab was, consequently, returning (or advancing) an unsteady, hence suffering unsteady state to steadiness (certainty, completeness, and full, unexpressed potential).


Unsteady   Steady Ready (as pure potential)


In everyday terms, Buddhist ‘meditation’ serves to steady a system, i.e. to relax, indeed to reduce dis’stress, thereby reducing the response to dis’tress, namely the various intensities of discomfort.


As the Sakya Buddha demonstrated during his approach to and attainment of samma-sambodhi, then awakening, then enlightenment, then bliss and, finally, nirvana, Buddhist Rehab is only half of a whole process.


The whole process of returning to steadiness and full awakening (understand: arousal) happens like this:


Unsteady   Steady Ready Contact



More completely described:




Unsteady   Steady Ready ReadySteadyUnsteady







@rest Nirvana



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