‘Create or Die’


The Finger (Linga = atta = atma)
The creative, hence essential touch

The (index) Finger sculpture is an icon for the basic thrust of life, namely, ‘Create (or die).’  If I* create I become (and happy because of it). If I don’t create I don’t become (and very unhappy because of it).


In ancient India the create program was iconised as the Linga, variously interpreted as a mark or sign, as flash of lightening (or enlightenment), or as Lord Shiva’s phallus (i.e. creative thrust).


That which I (and 7,500,000,000 other humans and countless other biological units) need to do (in principle within every set of circumstances) is to create difference. Scientists now claim that “Only random events carry instruction.” Meaning: “Only difference makes (a difference)!” Only the different can make contact. Sameness can’t make contact/strike since it is compressed out. Therefore since sameness cannot strike it can’t become real and identifiable. As Heraclitus said 2500 years ago: “You can’t step into the same river (to wit: sameness) twice!”


In other words, if I don’t become (indeed, if I don’t reinvent myself as) as a bit of difference (and which is attractive), I can’t strike/touch. And if I can’t strike/touch, I can’t be. And that hurts!


The bit of difference I (i.e. with my newly painted finger nails or new car) need to become, hence the way I want to strike/touch myself or others, is dependent on the conditions (so the Buddha) within which I find myself and my free choice of a desirable future (i.e. my dream) which I can invent/prophecy (to self-fulfil) and then make come true/real.


But there’s a catch. Since I need to become different in order to be (i.e. to survive as an expression of my true, because whole and complete self ** ≈ identity/address) I have to give up sameness, namely what I am right now (the now becoming ‘was’, i.e. the redundant past). If I cannot become different I cannot strike/touch and, consequently, fade and die.


Recall:    “The right Way

     Is the Untrodden.

                 It becomes the wrong Way

                 When you’ve stepped on it.”



Or, as the Man said, in order to live (i.e. to be what I want or choose to be) I have to die (meaning; sacrifice/give up/die to what I am right now).                                                                     …. more


*… as fractal elaboration (meaning local copy) of the creation algorithm (or matrix). Note: This is ancient Indian pantheist*** and not the Judeo-Christian belief, the Irish monk John Scotus Eriugena and the German monk Meister Eckhart apart, both of whom were condemned). In the earliest Upanishad it is claimed that ‘Thou art That’, whereby ‘Thou’ (as atman) functions as a localised version of ‘That’ (as Brahman), hence is not different from ‘That.’ Thus “atman ≈ Brahman.”                   See: Self-realization

**… more about self

***… more about pantheism