Born to win and thereby survive



The default setting of every dynamic biological unit’s (blind to the world) Guide & Control System (or Bio-Nav) is set to ‘win’ (signalled by happiness). That means that at every step within every developing survival situation (read: journey) the brain (i.e. as Bio-Nav) computes the (decided) probable next best step that is has calculated will increase the bio-system’s relative and absolute survival capacity. Calculation happens on the basis of current survival programming and available data.


If relative survival capacity decreases (i.e. as in ‘losing’ (signalled by unhappiness), and which is a bio-unit’s natural, hence default process) then a bio-unit can deliberately or involuntarily tweak its programming or add data to reverse the decrease of survival capacity, thereby become a winner again. The latter operation results in creation of more effective survival state (or shape), that is to say, of a ‘fitter’ (so Spencer, plagiarised by Darwin) or ‘better’ survival response.


Again, since a biological unit’s (blind to the world) next best step survival calculations are dependent on its survival programming and available data, real or fictitious, those calculations can be deliberately biased (i.e. overridden) towards a desired (past, present or future) outcome. A bio-unit does that either by deliberately changing the programming preferences or adding false or faked data into the data-base, or by reality testing its current survival response, thereby forcing itself (or being forced) to add new data.


In short, ‘Creation happens as means to rather than as the outcome of survival.’ Or, form/appearance follows the abstract survival driver’s (i.e. as biological Turing Machine) survival attempts. Thus, ‘Create or die.’  Both the two Genesis creation stories and the Brhad-aranyaka Upanishad (approx. 600 BC) creation story propose this notion of creation.