The 4 Noble Truths of Sammasambodhi

(or samyaksambodhi)


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1.     Samma-sambodhi happens.

2.     If and when a problem is solved

3.    Samma-sambodhi ends

4.    When no problem remains



The Pali metaphor Samma-sambodhi describes the experience of attainment, that is to say, of solving a (any) problem. The metaphor describe the affect of  peak  or ‘Eureka’ experience.



1.     The samma-sambodh function activates

2.     When a problem solution is attained.

3.     The samma-sambodhi function ends

4.     When no new problem emerges.






The samma-sambodhi experience consists of two elements:


1.     The problem solution, as formal or formless content.

2.     The pay-off for attainment.


The problem solution may be true or false.

It is attainment that is self-rewarded.*


The ‘reward’ (that’s how it is usually experienced) for problem solving is the release of energy invested in the problem solving process, and often called Enlightenment. Total (i.e. full, complete, perfect) self-investment will harvest total (i.e. full, complete, perfect) release.

The intensity of energy surge released by solving a (any) problem is signalled in the high-level communications medium/language of the emotions the varying intensities of happiness, joy, rapture and so on. Moreover, since the problem has been overcome, the problem solver feels free, liberated, ‘no more to be done’, complete, perfect and so on and on.


The content of the problem solution remains, but the experience does not. The experience cannot be repeated by repeating the problem solution.


* … For instance, an orgasm rewards for the attainment of transmission, whether or not fertilization takes place. Samma-sambodhi is a mental orgasm. The rapturous joy of orgasm (or samma-sambodhi signals ending (hence attainment) of a particularlyy important logic function and so drives the system to continue. In short, the samma-sambodhi (or Eureka) experience is the ultimate carrot.



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