Lord Ganesh


Lord Ganesh reading Visual Basic

Devout Hindus experience the Lord Ganesh (alias Vinayaka) icon as a living presence, indeed as a much loved and cherished member of the family. He is woken up in the morning, washed, dressed and fed. He is also fed during the day. In the evening he is washed and put to bed. You can talk to or argue with him as you would with a sibling, or interact with him as a best friend. He is always there when you need him.


Every time a problem emerges, be it in the home, in school or in business, as when a contract is about to be signed, Hindus invoke his benign guidance. Apart from his special function (or dharma), namely to solve problems or remove obstacles , Ganesh behaves pretty much like an ordinary family member.


Since he is THE perennial precocious teenager, he behaves like a teenager. He plays pranks like giving you problems to solve , eats too many sweet things, is incredibly smart and inventive and, more often than not, gets himself in a tangle.


Hindus believe the Ganesh was immaculately conceived, i.e. by his mother Parvati, and who is but a mask of Uma, the supreme Mother Goddess and creator of all.