Lord Ganesh


The Hindu ICON for the human’s Problem Solving Function


  Lord Ganesh
  Removr of Obstacles and Supreme Problem Solver

  @ Victoria's Way, Roundwood, Co Wicklow, Ireland

The biological problem solving function, and which the Hindus have imagined (i.e. formed, simulated) and named as the deity Ganesh, is a sub-function of the Basic Biological Operating System of all living creatures. As basic, hence vital sub-function, the Ganesh problem solving function is ever present and ready for action.


The Ganesh function activates (or is intentionally activated) whenever a problem needs to be resolved or an obstacle overcome.


In order to be able to intentionally access and activate one’s problem solving function, and which operates in the pre-conscious and is, therefore not directly accessible, it is imagined (i.e. imaged or symbolised, i.e. simulated and projected upon the screen experienced as consciousness) in a personalised and somewhat irrational form. That fantasised form (or arbitrary name-as-sound-bite), i.e. as image or icon, serves as (hyper-) link to the (formless, nameless, because operating in biological ‘machine’ language, hence) inaccessible because unconscious problem solving sub-function.


In the case of the Lord Ganesh, the iconic (or symbolic) form (i.e. as hyper-link) is theriomorphic (i.e. having animal features), hence deliberately made irrational. The irrational form (i.e. of Ganesh) is superimposed on the formless innate problem solving function to create downtime in (that is to say, to disable or halt) the human’s rational, critical function, thus facilitating easier access to that unconscious function (and which operates as part of the human’s Basic Biological Operating System (or Bio-Turing Machine), elsewhere named Brahman, or Atman, or Prajapati in the speculations of the 2nd to 5th Brahmanas of the Brhad-aranyaka Upanishad.