The Perfection Gear

Operating @100%, i.e. @1, i.e. @1’ness





 If and when a (i.e. any) human gears up to perfection then that human experiences every contact (meaning any observable fact ≈ experience and including himself or herself) as perfect.

Hence the sole goal of Yoga is the attainment of @100% concentration (hence @1’ness) and which allows the yogi to observe his or her entire inner or outer world as perfect (and @‘1 without a second’).

In other words, if and when perfect (meaning @ 100% ≈ @1) mental concentration is achieved then the observer’s mental (i.e. Bio-Nav) operation superimposes his or her perfection state/mode on the whole world.


By contrast, if and when imperfect (meaning @ less than 100%) mental concentration is achieved then the observer’s mental (i.e. Bio-Nav) operation superimposes his or her imperfection mode/state on the whole world. In ancient times in India the perfection gear/state/dharma was named the Brahman (or God) state because a) it was experienced as @ absolute oneness (i.e. as ‘one without a second) and b) it self-signalled tits attainment with perfect being (i.e. realness), perfect consciousness and above all perfect bliss. In short, achieving the perfection gear paid off with a perfect honeymoon experience.


The Perfection Gear is achieved if and when 100% (i.e. absolute with regard to a given which is, of course, a relative capacity) concentration (Sanskrit: samadhi) is achieved. The Perfection Gear turns the relative into an absolute. In principle, hat makes the Perfection Gear attainable for all.

@100% concentration (hence @ min. mental entropy, hence @ perfect condensation) contact speed (or connection rate) of happens @ c. When 2 fully (i.e. @ 100%) concentrated (differential, hence random) units collide they do so at @c2, thereby producing a moment (or quantum) of absolute realness (or is’ness).


The Perfection Gear (i.e. speed @c, hence @absolute speed) happens if and when a (complex) self (i.e. a byte (as series) of differences) is fully condensed (i.e. fully self-ordered, therefore @rest, i.e. @ min. entropy, therefore in nirvana). Fully condensed (i.e. concentrated), it presents for contact as a (deadweight, indeed random) bit, unit or quantum, therefore at the ultimate speed (of absolute certainty, i.e. @c). In other words, the Perfection Gear (or speed, i.e. absoluteness of contact) is achieved if and when a self (momentarily) achieves wholeness (i.e. completeness, i.e. @1status, i.e. one-pointed-ness, hence self-stillness).


The upside- and/or after-effects (i.e. the self’s pay-offs) of connecting with (or driving in) the Perfection Gear (sometimes experienced visually as purple, but mostly as a very bright or golden glow) are awesome. They are the ultimate experience schedule, mistaken by some as the (experience of the) Ultimate (i.e. as the atman (Pali: atta) ≈ the Brahman, or god, or THE GOD). The self-affects of contact @c are the experience of absolute (because presenting @c, hence at the absolute contact rate) realness, of absolute (i.e. non-exclusive) consciousness and of absolute (i.e. all-pervading) joy (or rapturous bliss, Sanskrit: ananda), the latter being a self-representation of the (apparently unlimited) degree of energy available (hence of freedom (Sanskrit: ananta) for further contact.


The downside affect of the Perfection Gear (or speed), that is to say, its extreme danger, is that in order to achieve it, the self (i.e. any living, thus dynamic system) must eliminate its (internal and external) imperfections (i.e. its @-less-than-c-contact-capacity), that is to say, its internal and external disorder (i.e. its degree of entropy, i.e. its misalignment, disharmony, random movement, hence heat, and so on). In other words, to achieve the Perfection Gear, a self (i.e. an identifiable dynamic reality) has to die to itself (i.e. sacrifice its identity), i.e. to cease, indeed, stop all internal action, i.e. become cold and hence hard as a rock (or deadwood); in short, it must speed up to the contact capacity of a ‘steady state’ (i.e. of an enstasy) experienced by others as a form of psychosis).


Since increased speed (resulting from a narrowing of data scanning first to on-line, then to on-end data processing) brings closer to perfection, hence to perfect contact that increases survival capacity, and therefore to the latter’s awesome and blissful pay-offs, every human self-drives to speed up, indeed by any means physical and mental and, already since ancient times, chemical. In this regard see my book ‘How to make and fake happiness.’