The down-side affect of perfection



To reach the Perfection Gear, that is to say, to become perfect and experience perfection, i.e. to surf the crest of the wave of perfection, a self has to die/stop (i.e. in or to itself).

In other words, in order to achieve the ultimate experience, falsely configured later as the experience of the Ultimate, that is to say, perfect (i.e. absolute) realness, perfect (non-exclusive) consciousness and perfect (all pervading) bliss - and a new life as the process of the disintegration and reintegration of all the former, a self must first die, and die twice over.


It dies first (rather slowly) by condensing (its redundant elements, i.e. its relativity, its local qualities) to the ground state /speed of c, and which is the contact capacity of a (or any) bit (of difference). Then it commits hara-kiri, that is to say, sudden death, by colliding with an ‘other’ to produce the ecstasy of absolutely real perfection and so on..


The self’s 1st death produces virtual perfection, and which is fundamentally unreal, unconscious and not blissful, though momentarily (self-experienced as timeless) self-permanent, to wit, the virtual atman (Pali: atta) as nirguna (i.e. without qualities) atmanBrahman in nirvana.

The self’s 2nd death happens at the sudden death moment of (1 >< 1, i.e. c >< c) contact. Now the self, stilled to virtual perfection, becomes momentarily (though experienced without time) absolutely real, absolutely conscious and absolutely blissful. It experiences itself as the absolutely real, conscious and blissful saguna (i.e. with qualities) atmanBrahman.

However, sudden death contact disintegrates (and re-energises) the self so that the entire process of self-condensation to virtual perfection can iterate again to achieve the experience of actual perfection.


So, the sine qua non of achieving perfection in order to surf the crest of the wave of perfection is concentration, more precisely stated, condensation, i.e. self-reduction, that is to say, the elimination of (redundant) relativity.





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