The Function of Absorption



The New Oxford Dictionary defines ‘absorb’ as: ‘take in or soak up’.


With regard to contemplation (or meditation), to absorb means to flood one’s Biological Navigation System (i.e. brain), short Bio-Nav (as in Sat-Nav), with a selected datum. (Recall the ancient Buddhist selective awareness or mindfulness training).


By deliberately flooding one’s Bio-Nav with a selected datum it can be taken over (i.e. captured, as in a hijacking) and so forced to change course to a preferred focus/outcome. Or, by flooding (i.e. bombarding) the Bio-Nav with meaningless data current navigation becomes impossible and the vehicle comes to a stop (i.e. goes on standby). Both absorption (meaning flooding) techniques are hacker techniques, the latter being called ‘denial of access’ (i.e. to stressful data streams).  


The purpose of ‘denial of access’ flooding (i.e. of single to no response absorption) with meaningless data (as in japa and mantra Yoga, or religious or non-religious bead telling) is to stop the accessing and processing of undesirable/painful data. The outcome of flooding is experienced 1. as (the freedom of) a state of (often pleasurable) rest (Sanskrit: samadhi, Greek: ataraxia ≈ unperturbedness, 2. as being free because @1 with the focus, or 3. as free floating rest without focus (Pali: nirvana ≈ quasi death). Total flooding (i.e. concentration) with desirable data eventually produces the positive SELF (or GOD) experience (i.e. as in (Sanskrit) sat-chit-ananta (or ananda)).




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