How absorption works



The state of my brain (as blind auto-pilot or Bio-Nav) determines the state of my body. In other words, the data I process in my brain determines how I function physically (and emotionally).


Hence, I experience myself as (the outcome of) what I thought.


To change what I experience, hence what I am, all I need do is change the data being processed by my brain (i.e. by my auto-pilot).


If I flood my brain (meaning: become fully absorbed) with one datum, I experience myself, feel that I am that datum. Thus I am God (or the emperor) if and when I am fully absorbed in that thought, i.e. until my concentration is broken.


The (blind to the outside world) brain functions as virtual reality generating device that serves to guide the body physically through its computed world. It generates hypothetical next steps to be taken blindly and then quickly adapted as response to success or failure.


Not only mystics,* religious and political nuts and spiritual fantasists of all kinds can imagine and then, by means of intense selective concentration (read: absorption), experience the virtual reality they have imagined is actually real. Everyone does that until the experienced fantasy is challenged by reality testing (elsewhere called survival fitness testing). In short, every actual step taken happens upon the basis of a hypothetical step.


In short, all internal fantasies (i.e. thoughts or imaginations), happening as they do in the virtual (hence hypothetical) reality of the brain, are experienced as real until tested and proven real or unreal.


Like blind men, the brains of biological units imagine the next step and then reality test it. No brain (as mere data processing box) can see an actual external datum until the latter strikes a peripheral data receptor.


* . Mystics and others (like priests, politicians and lovers) invent fantasy (i.e. delusional) worlds and then make them personally real by absorbing wholly (i.e. @100) into them (and milking the honeymoon effect that results). To avoid reality testing they create physical, mental and behavioural (i.e. ritual) environments that support their fantasies, thus avoiding being confronted by actual reality and having their fantasies shattered. Indeed, most humans happily live out fantasy lives whose boundaries they assiduously protect for as long as possible.