Buddhist Basics








System’s  response



Guide & Control System representations


Final state






Fails to attain goal


System’s failure



Doesn’t attain realness/truth

Creates a false self ≈ an’atta …. or none




Experiences en’darkenment



Unhappiness or sorrow (dukkha)

@ unrest ≈  samsara





Doesn’t try


System on standby



‘Waits, virtually unreal

Refuses to create a self ≈ atta




Experiences neither light

nor dark


Neither happiness or unhappiness

@ rest ≈ nirvana with residue
(No 2)





Attains goal


System’s success



Attains realness/truth

Creates a true self ≈ atta



Experiences enlightenment




Happiness or bliss



@ rest ≈ nirvana

(No 3)






Not on


System shut down



Actually unreal

No self ≈ no atta








@ absolute rest

≈ pari’nirvana

(No 1)




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