Buddhist Basics, Part 2










System’s Response



Guide & Control System representations


Virtual end state



Actual end/new beginning state






Fails to attain goal, namely perfect order

Fluctuates between various entropy states




Does not quantise, hence functions imperfectly, un-wholly



Doesn’t attain realness

Fails to create a true self ≈ atta



Remains an open process

Experiences no or an incomplete self atta


Suffers astasy


Experiences endarkenment



Experiences an internal energy transfer needed for task completion, resulting in an overall energy depressed state



Unhappiness or sorrow (dukkha)



Unhappiness signals lack of success at accomplishing a task

Continues as uncertain process







@ unrest






Downgraded rebirth


With uncertain realization







Doesn’t try


Remains @ relative maximum entropy


Eliminates or suppresses response


Virtually dead



‘Waits’, unreal



Attains enstasy


Does not create a self ≈ atta


Arahant State


Experiences neither light nor dark


Energy level stays




Neither happiness or unhappiness


Distress eliminated




Virtual liberation in the dispensation


On stand-by



@ rest

nirvana with residue (No 2)







No rebirth



Actual liberation in the dispensation










Attains goal @1 order



Attains perfect (@1) order, i.e. @ minimum entropy status, i.e. the

Quantum state


Becomes complete, whole, perfect





Attains complete enstasy

Creates a true self ≈ atta



i.e. @1 ≈ 100% internal focus or  concentration/condensation


or @ quantum collision

producing ecstasis


Sam-Buddha state



Experiences full or complete enlightenment



Experiences an energy surge, rush or high (i.e. elation) resulting from state (components, i.e. conditions) fission or fusion


Transformed as happiness or bliss



Happiness signals successful accomplishment of a task, namely quantization


Joy signals perfect accomplishment


Virtual liberation



On stand-by



@ rest


nirvana (No 3)





Rebirth with  full self-realization


Ecstasy +

ecstatic joy, followed again by nirvana


Actual liberation






Shut off

@ absolute maximum entropy


Actually dead

Not yet born


Actually unreal




No self ≈ an’atta










@ absolute rest


(No 1)









no rebirth



Two qualities of attainment (hence of samma-sambodhi) are possible, namely virtual attainment (completion or fulfilment) or absolute attainment (completion or fulfilment).


1.     Virtual attainment happens internally when mental activity attains an @1 order (i.e. quantum wholeness status), hence @ rest status or enstasis (i.e. on stand-by). It can be made actual, therefore self-real, if internally differentiated (i.e. self-collided @c, i.e. in a relativity vacuum), thereby simulating ecstasis. This means of attaining self-realisation, and its payoff, namely ecstatic joy, is practiced professionally (i.e. towards c, hence absolutely) by Buddhist monks and Hindu Yogis. In fact everyone performs this feat for much of the time that external activity is suspended. Example: Imagining a perfect home.


2.     Actual attainment happens externally, i.e. via quantum collision. Quantum collision, in other words, self atta copulation producing transmission (hence rebirth) happens when an @1 order*, i.e. a quantum, collides @ c (i.e. in a relativity vacuum) with an alternate @1 order, thereby producing real true ecstasis (self-rewarded with in ecstatic joy). Example: Building a perfect home.


* For ‘@1 order’ ( quantum) read: karmic residue. Transmission of @1 karmic residue produces a better rebirth. Transmission of less-than-@1 karmic residue results in a worse rebirth. No rebirth happens when no collision/contact happens.







The above as graphic