The Cobra Throne

alias, The Wisdom Seat




The Naga Throne
The Soiritual Wisdom Seat

In ancient times, both in Egypt and in India, the Cobra symbolized the feminine principle of life, namely wisdom, fertility, wholeness (i.e. healing) and chaos, in short, unlimited creative potential. Here in Victor’s Way the cobra has been given a throne and which serves as Wisdom Seat.


The Wisdom (or Buddha) Seat is always empty. Emptiness signifies absolute openness and limitlessness. Anyone can sit on the Wisdom Seat and from it create and awaken to any reality.


The sitter who fills the Wisdom Seat is the embodiment of the masculine principle, namely the function of limitation. By taking the seat the sitter limits and so relativizes the limitless feminine principle. However, it is by means of specific limitation (read: selection) that the sitter creates an actual, therefore graspable, therefore meaningful view.


The Wisdom Seat, i.e. the feminine as ‘Mother’ or matrix function that offers virtually unlimited creative potential, is conserved. The sitter, i.e. the masculine or ‘Father’ function that limits and so actualizes her virtual potential, is not conserved.


When you on the Wisdom Seat you can observe, indeed absorb into the breathtaking wonder of the natural world as it spreads out before you. Nothing is hidden (i.e. if you don’t select). If for a moment you forget your ‘self’ and merge with the essential function of the Wisdom Seat, namely complete openness, you can get fully awakened and realized. If you take the experience of your awakening back with you into your everyday world and apply it there you can get fully awakened and (self-) realized with every new view you create.


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