The honeymoon affect





Honeymoon (to wit, sweet lunacy) is the brief phase of delightful mental, physical and emotional effects experienced leading in to, during and just after initial contact (meaning copulation or connection, such as marriage, fusion or union (actual or fictional, as in the mystic marriage) and so on) between the same (i.e. him or her) and the different (i.e. her or him) when the same develops (i.e. opens to) an intimate (meaning direct) relationship with the different. It is the ecstatic (i.e. stand beyond oneself or outside one’s ‘normal’ box, thus temporarily deranged and fibrillating at a higher energy level) phase when the different (i.e. any ‘other’, real or imagined) is as it were consumed (i.e. fused with) to become part of oneself (namely what is same), thus providing a new, i.e. a different life (or stand) offering increased survival capacity.


As everyone knows from personal experience, it is ‘Difference that makes a difference.’ Fusing with (i.e. consuming, i.e. predating) difference (i.e. by opening oneself to admit it) energises and changes, thereby supporting the drive to survival. For sameness (that’s continually decaying) to survive it must copulate with, i.e. consume, fuse with difference (and which gives, i.e. infuses new life).


In techno-jargon: The honeymoon affect serves as data (for instance, DNA) and energy transmission enabler.


However, consuming (i.e. copulating with) the different (for different read: alien, to wit, an ogre) is threatening/dangerous. To protect oneself from the different, and which is threatening or dangerous, the different is initially responded to with disgust, that is to say, the ‘other’ tastes or smells bitter, sounds unpleasant or feels painful. The different is threatening because it is unpredictable, hence uncertain (therefore threating to bust one’s comfort zone).  It could after all be predatory. To eliminate the threat humans have evolved a trick to make (necessary for survival) consumption of the different highly attractive and palatable. The brain (i.e. the human’s Bio-Nav), responding to (i.e. anticipating) a potential increase of energy resulting from copulation with the ‘other’, temporarily alters the same’s normal Guide & Control self-defence response to the different from tastelessness or bitterness to honey-sweet; or, like a medicine for child, the different (that is bitter) is simply (self-) sweetened (i.e. with honey)!


During honeymoon (i.e. during the lunacy of sweet ecstasy that enables data (for instance, DNA) transmission) the different (or new) tastes sweet (e.g. ‘Her lips taste sweeter than wine’ and so on), smells sweet, sounds sweet, looks brighter and more colourful, indeed, seems to emit a highly attractive golden glow (or aura, to wit the glow of perfection), feels gentler and purer, and the new same (i.e. now being upgraded with the different) suddenly feels lighter (like flying or levitating), brighter (like a star) and surging with energy. Most honeymooners will confirm these strange (and wonderful, usually awesome) affects deliberately activated by the brain (i.e. as biological navigation system or Bio-Nav) to encourage and enable indeed ‘force’ consumption of (i.e. merging, i.e. copulation with) the different and so ensure survival.

However, if and when the different (i.e. what’s in the other box) has become the same, that is to say, once the different (i.e. the new) has been consumed (i.e. once copulation and data transmission and energy increase are completed), the sweetener effect subsides and the honeymoon is over, a most common experience.


Hence:  “The right Way

 Is the untrodden.*

 It becomes the wrong Way

 When you’ve stepped on it.”**

                                                        Victor  (1974)


Crucially, the sweetener or honey (-moon) affect does not derive from the different (i.e. from the other as alien) as such but happens as sub-function of concentration (i.e. of de-fragmentation (i.e. as in letting down or removing (i.e. surrendering) one’s protective barriers, often experienced as ‘love’), that is to say, relative to the intensity of concentration (or absorption, as in Tantric consummation and/or Bhakti yoga specifically and Yoga in general***) brought to bear on the different. Consequently the honeymoon affect can be experienced if and when any ‘this’ (same) merges (i.e. opens up to copulate with) any ‘that’ (i.e. with any ‘other’ thus different, real or imagined, provided the concentration/merging happens at an intensity approaching @ 100% (meaning @1).


Tantric consummation


The perfection gear

 about ecstasy


*… For ‘untrodden’ read: the different (indeed random) or other.

**… When you’ve stepped on it (i.e. merged with or consumed it) it, i.e. the different, becomes the same (and immediately starts to decay, i.e. is compressed out).

***… Triggering the honeymoon affect is the unstated goal of all of forms of Yoga. To that end yogis and yoginis train themselves to increase concentration (Sanskrit: samadhi, meaning defragmentation) intensity to 100% (≈ perfect), thus to merge/fuse with or be consumed by a (i.e. any) focus (i.e. the different), real (i.e. actual) or imagined (i.e. virtual, i.e. mentally simulated). If and when the most intense degree of concentration (i.e. of defragmentation, to wit, of the elimination of protective boundaries or limits and which releases massive energy) is achieved (i.e. when all non-focus turbulence in brain activity has been eliminated (See: Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra no 2) then the highly energised (to wit, on ‘speed’) brain switches to (actually ‘recovers’) its (default, initial state) perfection gear which in turn activates the honeymoon affect. The quickest and most dangerous way to trigger ‘the perfection gear’ that activates the honeymoon affect is by means of Tantric Yoga. Tantric Yoga merges/copulates with the ordinary, with actual everyday phenomena, specifically with a sexual partner. Since, according to ancient Indian pantheism, the everyday is Brahman/Atman, i.e. God, copulating @ 100% with the everyday means copulation, hence directly knowing, Atman/Brahman, i.e. God. So it is that ordinary everyday merging or union with Atman/Brahman, for instance as when creating a perfect pizza or having a good shite (both of which produce full enlightenment followed by the exquisite affect of sat-cit-ananda) is deemed (by priests) to be politically incorrect because it is available to all humans most of the time and therefore beyond control by priests/politicians. Obviously the most normal and most important of all human functions, namely sexual love/lust/copulation that opens (and pays off with orgasm) to receive a DNA transmission, is the shortest and most pleasurable shortcut to @100% concentration (i.e. to whole, personal defragmentation and return to default factory settings) and therefore to the delightful honeymoon effect.

        In India the politically, hence culturally acceptable shortcut to the honeymoon effect is Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love (i.e. of self-opening for penetration by the different) activated by means of surrender, submission, self-sacrifice, giving (all defragmentation modes) and so on.

The most infamous Western exemplar of the Tantric Way (meaning: achieving perfection by means of the actual ordinary) was Dr Faustus. The naïve doctor (ca. 40+, smart and single) made a contract with the devil (actually with ‘the spirit of the deep’, to wit with his own pre-conscious survival driver) that if the latter engineered for him a moment of absolute perfection (+ the honeymoon affect and or plateau orgasm) he would give him his soul. The foolish doctor (of philosophy rather than of everyday life) and his ‘bit of difference’ (i.e. Gretchen) eventually paid the ultimate price for his moment of glory (indeed glorification) because he wasn’t smart enough to wriggle out of the contract. Angels had to rescue him and his ‘bit of difference’, and which is pretty wet (even by Dr Goethe’s low (because poetic) standard).



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