The 4 Noble Truths of New Buddhism



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1.    Suffering happens.

2.    It is caused by desiring what is not one’s own and doesn’t last.

3.    Suffering ends.

4.    When desire (for the impossible) ends.




1.    Suffering happens.

2.    It is caused by failing to complete (a task).

3.    Suffering ends.

4.    By completing (a task).





Suffering happens as emotional response to attachment to uncertain events resulting from prior uncertain events (ad infinitum).



Fundamentally, suffering results from a person’ ignorance of the true facts (also the Vedanta position).



Suffering happens as signal indicating failure to complete.


For ‘complete’ read: attain, achieve, succeed and so on.


Fundamentally, suffering (Pali: dukkha) functions as one part of a Guide & Control System regulating a logic bio-machine, the other part being happiness (Pali: sukkha).


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