The 4 Noble Truths of Happiness





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Old Buddhism


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New Buddhism


1.    Happiness (i.e. sukkha) happens

2.    It is caused by eliminating greed hatred and ignorance.

3.    Happiness ends

4.    When greed, hatred and ignorance emerge.



1.    Happiness happens

2.    When a task is completed.

3.    Happiness does not happen (but unhappiness does)

4.    When a task is not completed.




1.    Happiness happens

2.    When I am my true self, because permanent and free.

3.    Happiness does not happen (and unhappiness begins)

4.    For a transient slave.



Of course the Old Buddha One, one of whose epithets was ‘The Fully Accomplished’, knew the 4 Noble Truth of Happiness of New, indeed, Universal Buddhism from personal, therefore direct experience, but chose not to elaborate them.


“Then the blessed one (having struggled for 7 years) sat at the root of the Bodhi Tree for seven days in one session, feeling the bliss of diliverance.”




1.    Happiness happens

2.    With attainment (hence fulfilment)

3.    Happiness ends (and unhappiness begins)

4.    With non-attainment (hence unfulfilment)
















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