Victor’s Way


The Indian Sculpture Park




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  Pataphysical Institute





                          Every day

                      until Sunday, 6th October 2024



From 12.00 to 18.00hrs




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Victor’s Way is a contemplative space for adults.

(It is not a fun park for families)



The entry price is €10 (plus booking fee) per adult.


Bookings are a must on Sat, Sun and Bank hols.



Parents are discouraged from bringing their children. If in doubt about bringing children, kindly view the sculptures and decide if you want your children to see them. If you do bring children, they go in free.


Please note that the sculptures of Victor’s Way are works of art and not religious idols.






It goes without saying that those rare visitors who draw an absolute blank here

will have their investment refunded.


Victor’s Way was designed for adults between 28 (minus 10) and 60 (plus 30) needing some quality time out + a bite of serendipity to reflect on the wider canvas of life, specifically their own.




Bring outdoor clothes and watertight shoes!!!!!


The Indian Crafts shop is closed.


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