Developments in the notion of God*

as Guide & Control (i.e. rules, hence regulation) System (i.e. machine)


The basic development phases are recursive for all livings systems (i.e. bions)


Note: Historically few bions (i.e. living systems) reach maturity (i.e. self-transmission completion) either because of personal incapacity or because they exist in immature (i.e. highly incomplete ≈ backward, meaning: closed) cultures whose elites, both secular and religious, deliberately prevent development to maturity (i.e. to independent self-transmission via open, random contact providing temporary completion), for instance as in the India of the closed caste system and in the primitive religion sodden, still mostly closed Islamist cultures of today.








Almost ‘sinful’



Transition phase




Relative complete


Almost ‘sinless’




Transcendent or external

Guide & Control



an angry & jealous primal horde

Alpha Male ≈ father



e.g. the Jewish , ‘Elohin’, El (Shadai) or Yehovah

The Islamists’ Allah


Man subject to God

as external regulator





Both external and internal

Guide & Control



Other love/self (i.e. flesh) hate

(so St Paul+ St Augustine + Luther)



e.g. Jesus prior to crucifixion

God without and within



Gradual emancipation from

external regulation





Self Guide & Control

albeit also guided and controlled by external alternatives



become  ‘Love your enemy’



e.g. the pantheism of the early Upanishads,

i.e. tattvamasi‘All is Brahman’

also Rumi, Spinoza et al.


Man as God ≈ (self-)regulator





                            (My) God*



Jewish Ancient Law/testament

Koran (Islam)



Primus inter Pares

‘First among equals’


(My) God within me (as equal)


Veda + Vedanta

Old + new Testament


St Paul and Shankara

St Augustine, Luther






                  Me as god (elaboration)


     Upanishad pantheism

     Mystic/gnostic pantheism


John Scotus Eriugena, Meister Eckhart, Spinoza and other mystics


Rumi and other Sufis mystics/gnostics




Anthropomorphic → abstract





Mortal (no soul)


Immortal Soul

                                                                    more …


Mortal (no soul)


High political traction

Politics by archaic book dictate,

to wit, politics via ‘The will of Allah, God and so on’


Low self-development flexibility



Reduced political traction





Increased self-development flexibility


Low political traction

Politics by democratic (to wit: ‘pares’) consent



Maximum self-development flexibility





The child (indeed all emerging cultures as almost wholly incomplete (hence sinful) bions**) transits from ‘other’ regulated dependency to self-regulation and independence, that is to say, from theist/father (i.e. involuntary tyrannical) ‘other’-management to pantheistic (and voluntary democratic) ‘self’-management.***


Note: God* Guide and Control System (as algorithm with n recursive self-elaborations) is driven by incompleteness (signalled at the level of human elaboration with unpleasantness/pain (Pali: dukkha)). It’s the need to achieve completeness (i.e. @ min. entropy or enstasy status ≈ fulfilment) and avoid unpleasantness (or achieve joy) that drives God (i.e. as-incomplete-accident (read: chaos)-regulation-machine) and all god elaborations, for instance the human, to select its best (i.e. ‘fittest’) elaborations (i.e. happening as random events or accidents) towards ever more relative, meaning locally adapted completeness.****


         *… For ‘God’ (as understood/experienced by mature adults) read: a basic regulation (towards survival) algorithm. A (not yet defined) invariant set of (abstract) rules/forces (to wit, an algorithm) that regulates the unregulated, that is to say, a system of rules (i.e. forces) that orders (i.e. adapts ≈ selects) chaos/accident (towards minimum entropy) thereby giving the ordered (i.e. the adapted selected accidental) seeming longevity (an extended (half-) life, meaning: an increased survival capacity) is called God. In short, God operates as a logic machine (i.e. as selection algorithm) that creates ever increasing anti-entropy and whose side-effect happens as increased survival capacity, i.e. as a longer (half-) life. The Logic machine’s rules (i.e. the selection rules as God) are recursive for all of its ever varying outputs (i.e. as creations) and their local elaborations.

**… for ‘bion’ read: a quantum of life, i.e. a biological unit. St Augustine got ‘Original Incompleteness’ (to wit, ‘Original sin’) right. However, following St Paul’s deliberate error, namely that ‘sin (read: ‘incompleteness’, to wit, ‘missing the mark’) entered life by one man’, he failed to attribute incompleteness to the first, meaning original cause of life, namely to the Jewish ‘Elohim’ or ‘El Shadai’ or simply ‘El’ (elsewhere ‘Allah), i.e. God. In other words, the 1st sinner/’failure to complete’ is God, i.e. the One who is incomplete by virtue of being One (i.e. alone, hence without a 2nd). The deliberate Jewish (idem Islamic) misattribution of sin to man (i.e. God’s locally elaborated copy) rather than to God (i.e. as incomplete ‘1’), an infantile response, gave the Christian Church absolute power and control over all humans (who were in St Paul’s deliberate misunderstanding ‘not yet risen’ (i.e. complete) to ‘Elohim’ status though the ‘rise of Adam’ was clearly confirmed in Genesis 3:22) and which, until the Renaissance, the Church used to physically destroy and emotionally blight the lives of countless humans who sought to perfect (i.e. complete) themselves their own way. In India, the ice-cold violence of the caste system that replaced the mature (pantheistic) Vedic unconditional injunction to ‘perfect one’s dharma’ upheld by the Brahmin bookworm Adi Shankara, and who out to have experienced ‘better’ and his reinforcement of the Upanishad’s unconditional dictum tattvamasi, gave the (lately) hereditary Brahmins like power and which they misused in like manner. The backwards looking religion addicted leaders of Islam continue in like manner and with disastrous results.

***… All cultures (and that includes religious systems) transit from birth to death, thus from immaturity (i.e. infancy) via puberty (i.e. adolescence) to maturity (i.e. adulthood). Maturity/adulthood (meaning: self-completion) is attained if and when a culture transmits (i.e. communicates) part or all of its identity. Completion (i.e. arrival at maturity) is signalled in the human with the various intensities of happiness. Failure to complete (i.e. remaining incomplete, like the Primal God-as-creation-algorithm), hence the failure to transmit part or all of one’s identity is signalled in the human with the various intensities of unhappiness (and pain).

****… Transmission (i.e. contact) of one’s identity to (i.e. with) an alternative event/identity (thereby making both real) makes one self-complete, albeit momentarily.


The God of the mature

St Paul, the liar


The immortal soul as red herring


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