God is perfect but incomplete



For perfect read: New Oxford Dictionary (i.e. NOD) from Latin perfectus ‘completed (?), i.e. ‘done via’, from per- ‘through, by means of’ + facere ‘do’. Here perfect is taken to mean wholly done (i.e. self-completed) as a fact, hence as a quantum, thus as a 1 (albeit virtual), therefore logic.


For complete read:  NOD: from Latin: completus, past participle of complere: ‘fill up, finish, fulfil’; from com (expressing force) + plere ‘fill’.


Re-read perfect to mean: self-complete (i.e. closed, stable, @ min. entropy), hence a virtual (therefore unreal) unit, fact, event or quantum, i.e. any 1 @ min. entropy yet to proven real.

In short: ready (because steady)


Re-read complete to mean: other-completed (i.e. closed), hence an actual, therefore real unit, fact or quantum, i.e. any real (thus fulfilled by force) fact.

In short: contact made (i.e. fire)


Hence a perfect (albeit unfulfilled because virtual) fact is defined as @1c (i.e. whole, complete in itself) event.

And a completed (i.e. fulfilled because actual, because real) fact is defined as @1c2, i.e. made whole, complete and real by c2 collision with another @1c event.


If and when 2 random @1c’s (events) collide then they create a 1c2 moment of absolute realness, thereby creating real completion, hence fulfilment. A series of such 1c2 moments generate an identity.


The upshot (of this speculation) is that if God (as logic generating algorithm) is One (i.e. @1c) He presents as merely perfect, hence as virtual fact. As such God remains incomplete,

      ‘Allah is One’. The Islamic ‘Allah’ (formerly the Sumeric/Abrahamic ‘El’ or ‘Elia’) ‘waits’ (as it were on standby) as virtual realness and identity generating algorithm. As virtual 1, ‘Allah’, though perfect as a 1, remains incomplete. Lacking realness and identity any function or attribute can be superimposed on HIM. ‘Allah’s’ will is made real and identifiable by his local prophets, that is to say, by nature of which the prophet Mohammad, ‘May his name be praised’, was 1.

meaning lacking realness and actual identity, hence consciousness (i.e. memory) and so on. It is God’s (i.e. the creation algorithm’s) elaborated @1c self-copies which upon random collision (read: copulation) with each other create 1c2 (hence real) moments (and selected series thereof providing real identity), thereby providing the virtual, hence incomplete unidentifiable God algorithm with actual (meaning: real), hence complete because real and identifiable presence.


In simple terms, perfect (because quantised) nature (i.e. man and/or the whole universe) serves to make a perfect but unreal and unidentifiable (hence virtual) God (as abstract logic making (Turing) machine) real and identifiable (hence actual).


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