The Singing Bowl




Every change of state in my brain (i.e. in my Biological Navigation System, or Bio-Nav) produces a corresponding change of state in my body (i.e. as cluster of physiological responses).


In other words, processing distressful (to wit, fight & flee) data in my Bio-Nav (i.e. brain) produces distressful bodily responses. In short, what I think or imagine that I automatically act out bodily and, if I persist, become.


The Singing Bowl generates a sound, i.e. a vibration that is distress neutral (or even stress positive). By processing a stress neutral sound my Bio-Nav runs in neutral to which my whole bodily system responds by going into neutral.


Once in neutral (meaning ‘On standby’, i.e. fully relaxed = de-stressed from both negative and positive stress, represented on the traffic lights as the colour amber) my body can fully re-activate its self-healing and self-repair functions.


Intensive and exclusive focusing (as in Yoga) on the sound or the physical vibration of the Singing Bowl floods my brain with stress neutral data, thereby cleansing my brain of all distress data. Its cleansing operation generates a high quality mental, physical and emotional time-out, a sort of blissful Nirvana state.