The Irish Ganesh Space


The Victor’s Way collection of black granite Ganesh (Vinayaka) sculptures is without doubt the finest anywhere in the world, including India. It took about 9 years to design, model and carve the whole group. The sculptures range in size from 5ft 6ins to 9ft and weigh between 2 and 5 tonnes.



GaneshRecM   ganeshrM          ganeshTM

Reclining Ganesh                                            Reading Ganesh                               Tabla Ganesh



ganeshVM            ganeshflM               ganeshPM+                   

               Veena Ganesh                           Flute Ganesh                                Oileann Pipes Ganesh


Ganesh D1M          Ganesh D2M               shivaM--

        Dancing Ganesh1                        Dancing Ganesh 2                     Shiva    Ganesha’s Dad



The sculptures were dreamt up and sketched in Roundwood in Ireland, then modelled by the artist D.V. Murugan in Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram), Tamil Nadu, India. They were carved in Mahabalipuram by one of India’s most outstanding sculptors, the stapathi master T. Baskaran.