This is a sculpture of Eve. Eve represents the mature woman, life-giving, loving, caring and aspiring to upgrade the quality of her existence by acquiring knowledge.


Ancient Hebrew tribal religious fiction had it that the adam (meaning, ‘red dust’), created by the ‘elohim’ (i.e. the ‘powers’ or ‘gods’) to serve as lowly field labourer, named his far smarter and creative, and, moreover, upwardly mobile female helper according to her fundamental nature, namely Eve (to wit, chavvah, Hebrew, meaning: ‘life’ or ‘living’), in other words, ‘the Mother of all Living’. It’s Eve you must thank for being alive.


Following St Paul’s intentionally negative misinter-pretation (indeed, criminalisation) of the naïve Adam and Eve kindergarten passage story (i.e. about the transition from nakedness to wearing clothes), the Early Church Fathers, all women haters, first denigrated, then debased, finally de-humanized Eve. So Tertullian: “Women are the gateway to the Devil”. Hence the Church’s psychological and physical abuse of women down to this a day.


The fact is, Eve was cloned and upgraded as a (mobile) Tree of Life. Without her the adam, the ignorant field labourer, would still be wandering around the garden in Eden in the nude and sucking on fruits, and none of us would have been born to experience and enjoy this wonderful world.


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