The Nirvana Man
Mr Cool.
Has achieved enlightenment and realisation. Now waits in blissful coolnsess, to wit, stress free.The Nirvana Man

Mr Cool = R I P


The Nirvana Man has solved his primary problem.1 The heat generated by the distress caused by the inner turmoil resulting from an unresolved problem (such as that of the of the Split Man and/or the Fasting Buddha) has been extinguished.


The Nirvana Man is a blissful Mr. Cool, i.e. he rests in (relative) peace (= Nirvana 22 & 33 = @‘room’ (i.e. one’s own bubble) temperature), hence in a relative death.4


However, to avoid cooling down completely (i.e. to absolute rest = absolute zero temperature = Nirvana 1), therefore to extinction (i.e. to absolute death), the cool Nirvana Man warms up (self-differentiates = splits = becomes relative and un-whole) again. But whereas the heat resulting from his uncontrolled inner turmoil burnt him up, now, as Mr Slightly Less Cool he directs his controlled (com’passionate) warmth to burn (in the sense that a CD is burnt) others and transform them toward coolness, thereby remaining cool and cooling (calming) them.

By virtue of his own state of @-oneness (hence perfection) and coolness he helps them achieve their desired state of @-1-ness, thereby helping them attain relief (release or liberation) from the heat of the distress (i.e. over-stressed-ness) they are suffering.


In short, before nirvana (i.e. before the fire of distress/heat is extinguished) there is a man (i.e. split because undecided, uncertain, un-whole, hence in turmoil) without a singular (hence perfect) creative thrust, that is to say, without a unique (hence meaningful) function, goal or purpose. During nirvana (i.e. when @ rest4, i.e. when temporarily Samsara stops/ends) there is neither a man nor a creative thrust.5 After nirvana (to wit, after re-birth as single function ‘craft’, therefore as true Ferryman), there is a singular creative thrust (i.e. acting, yet in nirvana), but no man (i.e. person).


1 … The primary problem = obstacle (and of which all other problems = obstacles are fractal recursions) is the inability to make (i.e. to decide on 1) differential contact by means of which to become wholly real (i.e. to achieve full awakening = full arousal = complete enlightenment) and become completely real that is to say, achieve complete (i.e. @ maximum impact) self-realization.

2 … Nirvana 2 happens when a person detaches from the problem to be solved

3 … Nirvana 3 happens when he or she solves her problem

4 … For ‘death’ read: non life

5 … For @rest read: @ zero stress (i.e. turbulence), hence @ zero temperature.



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