Tantric consummation



Consummation, meaning: “completion.” From Latin consummare “to sum up, finish,” from com- “together” + summa “sum, total,” from summus “highest”, in the sense of “completion of a marriage (by sexual intercourse)” since c. 1530.


(Ideal) Tantric practice seeks to access the supra-mundane (to wit, the original creation fractal or algorithm (often iconised as the ground (of creation) (so Meister Eckhart) or the Brahman or a selected God) through the mundane, that is to say, via a (indeed any) local elaboration of the original fractal, thereby either observing or experiencing the microcosm (i.e. the fractal elaboration) as the macrocosm (i.e. the original fractal). The Tantric aim is to sublimate (one aspect and via it all aspects of) everyday reality, thereby to experience or understand the basic creative driver (i.e. God) as each everyday phenomenon (i.e. as in ancient Indian pantheism, to wit, Tat Tvam Asi (i.e. ‘Thou art that’), All is Brahman’ and ‘You too are Brahman).


In everyday terms, a mundane tantric consummation (as experience) happens if and when an everyday problem is solved or an everyday task is completed (i.e. as in sexual coitus, still the most popular and regular problem solving exercise). A supra-mundane tantric consummation (i.e. an experience rarely attempted and achieved) happens if and when completion is observed (rather than performed, as in coitus reservatus) and completion’s ground is seen (i.e. knowledge thereof is acquired).


In both cases, that is to say, either as direct experience of completion (i.e. as in coitus with or without issue) or the experience of the observation of completion (i.e. as in coitus reservatus, actually meaning coitus with issue of the observation of completion), the after-effect (of the release of energy, as after-effect of moksha, meaning liberation) is self-signaled as the experience of ecstatic (indeed orgasmic) rapture.



The one seeks to enjoy the fire (of fusion) by being consumed by it. The other seeks to enjoy the knowledge of the nature of fire by being consumed by the observation of fire.



In other words, the one enjoys the ecstatic after-effects of completion (i.e. as marriage of this with that). He or she is consumed by the beloved (i.e. the goal as Gestalt). And the other (for instance, the scientist) revels in the ecstatic after-effects of the observation of (almost or ‘as if’) completion (also experienced as perfect concentration, Sanskrit: samadhi). He or she is consumed by (i.e. perfectly concentrated in) the particular and/or universal parameters or conditions, i.e. the ground of completion (and of incompletion). The first gains the experience of being-consciousness-bliss (Sanskrit: the saguna Brahman) and the other gains knowledge (Sanskrit: jnana) of the true nature of completion and of that which completes (Sanskrit: the nirguna Brahman).



Tantric consummation happens as the reverse of self-realization via separation, i.e. when the child (as fractal elaboration) returns to, merges with the mother (or matrix).                                              

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