The Ganesh Icon




The Hindu (householder) deity* Ganesh, ‘The Supreme Remover of Obstacles’, symbolizes, as icon, hence as useful fiction, the universal capacity of all living creatures to solve problems.


By solving a (indeed any) problem (to wit, by removing any obstacle, thus eliminating drag and gaining a survival capacity acceleration) a life form, such as an human, achieves release (i.e. boundless (≈ Sanskrit: ananta)   liberation (≈ Sanskrit: moksha)) and which results in (the rush or surge of) boundless enlightenment. Enlightenment may be self-applied/self-signalled as happiness (or joy, rapture or bliss, Sanskrit: ananda)).


In short, Ganesh, alias the universal problem solving (or diagnostic) program, comes with everyone’s survival equipment at birth. Consequently Ganesh need not be ‘taken into the heart’ (meaning the pre-conscious) for he abides there always.


Note:  The fact that Ganesh resides in (the cave of) the heart is for most Hindus, specifically Hindu householders and their children as members of the Grhasthya ashram, hugely problematic. It is for the benefit, indeed protection of the householder that Ganesh (i.e. the universal Ganesh program) is simply projected outside, made as it were transcendent.


By worshipping, that is to say, by actively engaging with (i.e. processing the data of) the Ganesh icon ( ≈ as reified idea of the universal problem solving program projected outside), the Ganesh program within (i.e. as part of the Basic Operating System of all living creatures) is resonated and thereby activated, and can do its problem solving job.


Likewise, a true Christian (save members of AA) does not take (the deity) ‘Jesus’ (i.e. the program of self-sacrifice and which when activated opens the gate to freedom ‘to’ by means of which one enters ‘the kingdom of heaven’) into his or her heart. ‘Jesus’ (to wit, the Jesus program) comes with everyone’s survival equipment at birth. It only needs to be activated and/or intensified to become fully functional. Activation is initiated by means of (icon) worship (worship meaning: intense processing). However, the Jesus program is completed (and perfected) by worshipping not the Jesus icon but by applying the Jesus program to any living creature as icon (i.e. as fractal elaboration) of the basic creation algorithm (or Turing Machine as abstract set of rules or forces) called (the One) God.



*… For ‘deity’ read: a universal sub-function/program that inheres in all forms. No icon (i.e. as nama-rupa, i.e. as name and form) exists for the basic creation program and which 2500 years ago the creators of the Upanishads fantasised as the formless (Sanskrit: nirguna) Brahman. All deities serve by and large as useful fictions, some as placebos some as nocebos.