“Happiness signals that I’ve come on …”



.. as a come on.”


An heretical analysis:


Meaning: happiness signals that I’ve arrived (meaning: that I’ve become complete, whole). Where or what I’ve arrived at, i.e. how I have become a complete/whole unit (understood in ancient times as a God or Brahman unit), is fundamentally irrelevant. In other words, every arrival (in the final analysis a one-to-one contact that creates the effect (and affect) of oneness (therefore a per-factum or quantum of perfection), elsewhere named kaivalya in Yoga)) by anyone in any situation is self-signalled with happiness. In short, happiness (or elation) functions as pleasant because energising (thus survival capacity increasing) feedback. Unhappiness (or depression) functions as unpleasant (or painful) because energy) depleting (thus survival capacity decreasing) feedback.


Since arrival (i.e. self-completion, in ancient India understood as de-fragmentation) content is irrelevant (meaning empty because relative (i.e. secondary), so Mahayana Buddhism), everyone is capable of experiencing happiness provided he or she arrives (i.e. achieves (or reaches) his or her goal; in short, wins by becoming complete (or loses by remaining incomplete). In short, because the content of arrival (or completion) is irrelevant/empty that gives maximum flexibility to all biological units (for instance, to the human predator) to achieve the feed-back signal of happiness. Anyone can feel happy provide he or she produces a (indeed any) moment of self-completion.


The primary goal to be achieved by each and every biological system (in any situation) is a relative increase in survival capacity. Achieving an actual (i.e. personal) goal (in everyday life), i.e. ‘making one’s dream come true’, is an indirect (i.e. secondary) means of achieving the overall (i.e. primary) biological goal (or purpose) of existence, namely survival, survival meaning data (elsewhere called karmic residue) transmission).


Happiness signals not just the achievement of the (non-local) primary goal of life but of every one of an almost limitless number of secondary (meaning very personal) goals (operating as localised fractals of the primary goal).