The Tathagata’s skilful means



Understand Tathagata to mean: gone beyond thus (i.e. this and/or that).


(Consequently) The Tathagata takes no fixed position. He ‘waits’ as the Zero (Man). He abides in the void of absolute relativity. By presenting no (‘own’) face, hence no actual interface, he waits ‘not visible, not graspable’ and so on.


When interacting with someone who takes a fixed (i.e. own = atta) position, the latter is gradually (or suddenly) sucked into the non-position (hence void) of the Tathagata. Her fixed position wholly relativised (hence deconstructed), she is released from her position (i.e. and which happens as a false reification (i.e. quantisation) of her interface action) and from the friction that results from interfacing experienced as dukkha (read: discomfort, trouble, pain and so on). Release (Pali: vimokkha) from interface activity (i.e. from ending interaction) is nirvana.


In plain English: the Tathagata Function deconstructs, breaks up fixed positions. A position is fixed (i.e. held fast as an apparently permanent unit or quantum) by desire, craving, attachment or addiction, or by delusion, or by concentration (read: condensation).


It follows that the Tathagata had no teaching. Teaching (i.e. instructing) requires taking and applying a fixed position (that reduces freedom).



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