The bio-logical machine



The following definitions are taken from the smart (i.e. quick, i.e. alive or awake, hence buddhist) woman’s Bible, namely The New Oxford Dictionary of English.


Ø    Logic: reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity.

Ø    Information technology (i.e. computer) logic: a system or set of principles underlying the arrangements of elements in a computer so as to perform a specific task.

Ø    Logos: from Greek: reason (in Christian interpretation: word)


Ø    Bio: from Greek bios, meaning ‘living’, ‘course of human life’


Ø    Machine:  Greek makhana, mekhos: contrivance (device?)




    Turing's Gate
    Dedicted to Alan Turing, inventor of the Universal Machine or BOS, and
    who resolved Hilberts Entscheidungsproblem, thus preparing the ground                            for the digital/quantum computer

   @ Victoria's Way, Roundwood, Co Wicklow, IrelandTuring’s machine: a basic (or universal) set of rules (i.e. a BOS).


Definition of a biological machine: a living contrivance or device whose elements are arranged to perform and end (i.e. decide) a specific task. Task ending or completion (read: decision) proves that the machine is logic.

             Turing’s Gate

           @ Victor’s Way


In short, a bio-machine is logic if and when it completes the task of ending the non-logic, i.e. of de-randomizing the random. Completion of a (i.e. any) task transforms (slices or cuts, therefore ends) the task’s (open, on-going hence still non-logic) process into a quantum or unit (i.e. at ending (read: when decided, hence logic) the process presents for contact on-end (i.e. stilled or stopped, hence closed) rather than on-line). Only a quantum, i.e. a non-logic process that has been ended/decided, now logic, therefore a whole random unit, can collide with (i.e. strike; instruct) an alternate quantum (also random). They collide in a relativity vacuum, thereby producing not only a quantum of absolute realness but also a change of direction. In everyday terms: “Only (quantised) difference makes a (real) difference!” Bio-logic machines that fail to end their task remain non-logic and are eliminated (i.e. eaten). Suffering signals (causes) that the elimination process has started.


So what is the task (locally imagined to be a purpose) of a bio-logical machine? To end the task of transmuting (actually: quantizing) the non-logic (or chaotic or random or dis’ordered process) into logic (i.e. non-random, ordered, whole units, i.e. quanta).


In short, a bio-logic machine serves to perform GI : GO


Garbage in : Food out




  Chaos in : Order out


Failure to end the task of transmuting chaos into order (i.e. hot high energy, i.e. relative momentum) difference into (cool low energy) sameness) is measured by the machine’s Guide & Control System in/as relative loss (or depression or lack) of available energy. Energy is lost or dissipated by being used up in the effort to create a logic outcome, i.e. task ending (to wit: decision). Energy loss, deriving from failure to complete, is signalled to the bio-logic machine in the user (or surface) friendly communication means (or language as metaphor set) of the various intensities of unpleasant feelings, namely sorrow, suffering, anguish, misery, that is to say, as the various emotional components of psychological depression; or more simply and effectively, by physical pain.


Success at task ending is registered by a bio-logical machine in/as relative increase of energy, i.e. as an energy surge (elsewhere called enlightenment). It is signalled by the user’s Guide & Control System via the user friendly communication means of the various intensities of pleasant feelings, namely happiness, joy, rapture, i.e. by elation; or more simply and effectively by physical pleasure.


The Logic Machine eats disorder and digests it to create order energise itself.



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