Getting enlightened, and the affects it produces


Enlightenment happens as the after-affect of problem solving. There is nothing mystical or magical or spiritual about getting enlightened. Sorry!


When a (i.e. any) problem is solved, the energy applied to solving that problem, and to storing all the data needed for problem resolution, together with all the wrong solutions, is released. The energy applied (i.e. locked or used up) is released as a sudden surge or rush. The more energy applied to the resolution of the problem, the greater, more powerful or more intense (hence pro rata) will be the rush or surge of energy released.


Since energy can be uploaded from outside, enlightenment can happen as the immediate affect of an external energy boost, often resulting in an individual ‘brightening up’, i.e. feeling better, feeling euphoric, feeling lighter (as in levitation) and so on.

However, enlightenment generally refers to an energy boost being released inside the human. 


That sudden surge of energy is experienced, hence translated into a user friendly (higher language level) communications form, in three modes.


Mode 1. the physical mode


The problem solver experiences herself as ‘high’, i.e. high on energy, the intensity of her high depending on the amount of energy released into her system.

The problem solver experiences (i.e. interprets) the energy release (i.e. boost) as relief.

The problem solver interprets (i.e. experiences) the release of energy as herself (or her surroundings) having become brighter.

Or she experiences herself as having become quicker, i.e. as having increased speed, physical or intellectual.

Or she experiences herself (or her surroundings) as having become lighter (i.e. as in levitation or uplift, i.e. ascension).

Or she experiences herself as having become stronger

Or, she experiences herself as having become more (or completely) whole, i.e. healthier.

Or she experiences herself as have become fulfilled, or wholly complete.

Or she experiences a strange and wonderfully sweet, honey-like odour or taste.

Or she hears what she interprets as celestial music.

Or she seems to see the world around as though bathed ion a golden glow (or halo).

Or she feels as though she her chest is opening up; or she is expanding to encompass the world, and so on and on.



Mode 2, the emotional mode


The problem solver experiences (i.e. morphs the sudden energy release/boost into a high-level communications means and which make the surge more compelling) a surge of positive feeling, the intensity ranging from simple contentment to happiness to rapturous joy to overwhelming ecstatic bliss (Sanskrit: ananda).

She experiences a sudden rush of other positive, specifically expansive (or inclusive) and very compelling emotions, such as gratitude, love, compassion, humility, generosity, caring and so on.



Mode 3, the mental mode


The problem solver experiences herself (i.e. interprets the sudden rush of energy) as having got smarter, indeed, sometimes as omniscient or omnipotent, and which in some cases leads to delusions of grandeur.


The key to enlightenment is problem solving (or obstacle removing). Whether or not the solution is true or false, or works or doesn’t in no way influences the enlightenment, its power being determined by the energy input previously made. Consequently, the enlightenment response, i.e. all the orgasmic fun, can be triggered by faking a problem and resolving it with fact data and a fake solution, as happens in all sports. This must be so in an open universe!


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