Victor’s Way


A contemplative garden for insecure pantheists more







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Split Man





Fasting Buddha




Eve, the Mother of all living

















Victor’s Way

alias the Indian Sculpture Park






for winter


For health and safety reasons



So please, don’t come here on spec

and climb through the fence!



Victor’s Way is a contemplative garden for spiritually wobbly adults who need to take some quality time-and-space out to rejig their views upon the fundamental absurdity or otherwise of life in general, their own lives in particular and the future (i.e. sensory and mental echo chamber) they wish to create for themselves in order to live a happy, because relatively successful life.



When open,

Admission €5.-

per adult



Bring outdoor clothes!!!!!


The garden is definitely not suitable for children



Taking the ‘easy’ contemplation position





Why not contemplate (more)  the following ‘minim’

for pleasure & profit




God is a function     

                                     Victor  (2017)             


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Some unconventional views

for the freedom loving






Ganesh group




Victoria’s Gate





The Cobra Throne













Shiva lingam



Nirvana man









A flavour of some ancient Indian wisdom





“Of a million who are born

  One seeks the Way.

  Of a million who seek the Way

  One finds.”


“Same as the master

  Half the master,

  More than the master

  Equal to the master.”




“Arise, awake, find the great ones

  and learn from them:

 For, sharp as a Razor’s Edge, hard to traverse, difficult of going is the Way, say the sages.”


“The master appears

When the pupil is ready.”


“The right Way

  Is the untrodden.

  It becomes the wrong Way,

  When you’ve stepped on it.”


“To fill a niche,

You must leave the       Way.”